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Dragon City – Stunning Things to Know About!


The game about which you are talking about is recently created by Social Point, and it comes under the category of simulation-based games. Its size is 102 MB and also aims to provide the best gaming experience. Another good thing about the game is that it contains in-app purchases in it and the same feature help people in buying everything which are present in the game by spending the real-life money.

Also, the same game contains lots of dragons in it, or you can say more than over 500 dragons in it. In the game, players have to create their city and then run or deal with it properly. Players in dragon city have to select islands and then fill them with farms, buildings and many more things such as dragons also. After then they have to train those babies and then implement them properly in the battles which they are going to play. They also have to train their dragons properly as to make them expert in fighting in battles.

Attractive Features of Dragon City

Now here are some main and classic features of Dragon City shared with you and about them, you should know properly. Some of the main features are given below –

  • The most classic feature about the game is that in it there are almost more than over 500 dragons in Dragon City and players are free to choose any one of them accordingly.
  • Also, the game features lots of breeding and stunning events and islands in it.
  • Dragon City also deals in various types of in-game currencies which players have to earn as to go far in it.
  • The game includes various types of tasks in it like races, chests and also the quests also present in it.

Therefore, these are some good and classic features of dragon city, and about them, every single individual should know. All they have to do is learn the features properly by the help of reviews and then play the game in a decent manner to go far in it easily.

Three Hidden ways for getting the currency in Critical Ops


The entire world is engaging on the internet, and most of the people are active in many activities. Various mobile games are also available in the gaming market, and many are online games. The craziness for such games is increasing day by day. You can choose the Critical Ops game for spending spare time, and it is a fantastic game, and millions of players are active on it. The game is free of cost, and anyone can download it by the playstore.

Currencies of the game

The currency of any game is the backbone for it, and in Critical Ops, two major currencies are used namely coons and credits. Both are prime currency, and every player needs to concern about them. The currencies are used for purchasing new skins, weapons and upgrading many things. While we are playing the game, many ways are available for getting, but most of them are time-consuming. We are telling you easy methods of currency.

Login with Facebook

One of the top-class ways is for obtaining the currency without taking part in any missions. in which you have to choose the social media login method. The game gives some free links in which and the player just click on them for adding currency.

Daily free coins

We should come daily for playing the game and grab some free coins, and that kind of ways are only for motivating the player.  A sufficient amount of currency is the first step for success in the game so you should not avoid it.

Join promotional events

Promotional events are a basic part for the game and in which the player needs to join events. All events are for promotional activities. In which we can receive enough amount of currency with some conditions.


The Sims Freeplay – A Holistic Approach to go Through!


Well, here you are going to meet with the best and classic simulation-based game, and that is The Sims Freeplay. The size of the game is 34 MB, and it is played by almost all players all across the world. There are thousands of classic and exciting features present in The Sims Freeplay and about them, all players should. In the game, players also make use of The Sims Freeplay Cheats and hack option to get everything in The Sims Freeplay.

In the game, players should make use of tips and tricks when going to start playing the game. Not only is this, but there are also several methods by which players can play the same game easier than before. As mentioned above that with the help of cheats players easily get everything in The Sims Freeplay by simply applying them in an appropriate manner. Players only need to know to make sure that they know all these things properly about the concepts related to cheats.

Things to know about in-game currency

In The Sims Freeplay, players need to pay more attention to the gameplay as well as on in-game currency also. They have to ensure that they are performing all tasks in The Sims Freeplay by which they earn a good amount of in-game currency. They have to complete more and more objectives, missions and events in The Sims Freeplay, so as they easily grab a large amount of currency in all types easily.


In a nutshell, making the use of The Sims Freeplay Cheats and hack option is that classic method to use as to earn currency in an appropriate manner. One main thing about which players need to know is that if they want to play a game properly, then they have to learn all things about it.

Enjoy the journey of Old School Runescape game


The gaming world has come in the market with the Old School Runescape. The game has been designed with two types of mode and the user or player of the game has been given full control to use different character of the game to play. For new and novice player Old School Runescape Hack is another beneficial feature has been introduced.

What to do

First of all, player must have a computer with latest version of Java to Store and play the Game of Old School Runescape. The virtual world of the game has good gameplay and graphics. The game has unique functions as the character can be chosen from different characters of the game. After choosing, player customises the character according to the wish and preference. Then the journey starts from and till the last level of the game.

From where to get

The game can be downloaded from any provider website. There is plenty of website ready to serve you with the different types and versions of games.  Before making final decision, player must pay attention to the following steps and points:

  • The website must have good reputation and good customer’s reviews.
  • Moreover, the website does not ask you to pay any kind of extra amount.
  • Neither of any personal nor and financial detail is being asked to fill by the website.
  • It is also noticeable that player should not reveal any other types of information without conforming the genuine website.

After having discussed over above points few things, the game player will easily get success and will improve his or her skills if played regularly. In case they are running out of gaming currency they can also use the Old School RuneScape hack, these are the online tools that will help you to gain points easily before you begin to play.


How to begin in Boxing Star game?


Are you passionate about games? If yes then you can check out Boxing Star. It is a deadly game, and the game is all about boxing battles. It is perfectly made by fourThirtyThree Inc, and the players are meeting with many legends while playing. Animated fighters and realistic look of the theme are enough for getting the attention of various people. In the game, some of the equipment is used like gloves and powers. Boxing Star Hack is an effortless way of getting much new equipment. The game is not much heavy for the mobile device.

The players should go through some free guidelines for playing well in the mobile, and we have to know the basic requirements and signup methods of the game.

Start download

The game is free of everyone, and anyone can download it by Google store. In which many parts are purchasable with money, but it gives a lot of fun.  The mobile device must be on android technology and enough memory space for downloading the game. Just click on the download tap and get the game in the mobile device.

Install properly

Installing the game is very handy for the players, and it takes a few minutes. You should bear with the game website and get the right result. Some permission is required by the side of players, and after that, we can easily install the game quickly. The players do not skip any point while installing it and it does not take much time.

Sign up account

On the starting, we have to set some preferred language and in which we will see many different kinds of information and validate your correct details. When you start the game, then you see many animated tabs are flashing. Boxing Star Hack is perfect for everyone, and we will get many benefits by it.  The Hack is a smart way of giving free tools for leveling up in the game.

Which tricks make us proficient in Homescapes?


Games are very cool gadgets for everyone, and most of the people are spending their spare time on gaming. In recent time Homescapes is a very amazing game, and millions of online users are connected. The game comes with some attractive things, and all are useful too. In the game, one home is waiting to renovate, and the player must focus on that. It is a casual play, and everyone wants to be a perfect home with all the features.

We will earn the currency in the game and buy many new things for the home. If you are new on the game, then you need to go on the second options like Homescapes Cheats. These are only working for once after that you can go with the gameplay.

Some easy tricks for making us a pro player in the game

Concern about matching

Many colorful objects are in the game, and you need to arrange them and match in a specific order. Some rockets are to maximize your performance in the game. They speed up your matching process, and every match lets you some new things for the home. We will add many things for boosting powers and get many chances for renovating the home.

Use the lives of your friends

We have some powerful things, and we can use the lives of our friends. It increases our living power in the game. The player can also wait for some time for getting the power. In the game, we also save some powers for emergency situations.

Get bonus coins

The currency is an unavoidable part of the game, and we cannot make the house perfect with coins. Most of the tools are purchasable. Every time we need some currency for opening many things although we can also open them by completing tasks. The matching process takes some efforts to get free bonus coins. The player mostly uses the Homescapes Cheats because it is very effective and easy.


Value of currency in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Mobile games are very famous, and everyone is spending free time on them. Many mobile games give the advantage of making money by playing. The currency of any game is very important aspects of gameplay. Every user wants to gain more currency while playing a game. General life we know the importance of money and games are also identical to our life. Today many types of mobile games are played by many users. Ragnarok M: Eternal love is very famous game and active on worldwide. The game is actions based on simulators, and you will do many things in it.

What is an important currency of the game?

There are many types of resources, and the most valuable is zeny. If you are looking for new game, then you can download the game and earn many things. You can get many things in every aspect of the game. The resources of the game are helping us in making the game enjoyable. Many of different ways are present in the game get the zeny. Along with it, you will see many of other resources of the game, and they are beneficial too.

Uses of zeny

It is the most valuable currency in the game. You will do many things after earning the currency with Ragnarok M Cheats. It is changeable currency, and you can change it with many things. It is helping you for unlocking many things in game. We can score up by earning zeny. One day is not enough for getting a large amount of currency, so you have to keep practicing. You have to manage the currency because you earned it by many difficulties. Add new things to your heroes and style them perfectly. Earn the sufficient amount of currency and reach on the high level of the game. If you gain large numbers of resources, then you will be the richest in the game and do everything on it.

Tips and hacks for Castle Clash


Enjoyment is very important for living a happy life. Today people are busy, and they have no much time for these things. They only wait for holidays to spend the free time but nowadays various types of gadgets are available for saving your time, and you can use it in other activities. One of the trending activities is mobile gaming, and anyone can play a mobile game anywhere and anytime. You do not require special things or dress for it. The only mobile device is used for gaming. According to your choice, you can select the best one, and today top trending game is Castle Clash. Many other types of clash games are available but this one is a special game, and you will love the gameplay and accuracy of the game.

How to make resources?

In which you can deal with various types of things and currency. The game gives you the advantage of making some objects. But before anything, we should know all the tips and hacks, and if you want some free at the beginning of the game, then you should check the Castle Clash Hack. It provides you a handsome amount of currency, and you can use it for hiring the heroes in the game.

Tips for starting:

Battles are the most excellent way to involve in the game, and they give a wonderful experience while playing. In which you can use your mind power to smash the rival. Make some unique strategies and provide the right guide to your team members.

Defend is the more critical rather than attack because the game prime objective is to create the castle. Troops and some buildings are used for save castle while others are attacking it.

You have to understand the all about the gems because you need a sufficient amount of recourses. You can use it wisely such types of resources play an essential role during battles.


Guidelines for playing game of sultans

You can be the powerful ruler in the world by game of sultans. Basic idea of the game is the player is become the king. You love this game because of actions and war. Build the army or harem with the help of many things. An ancient king ruled his empire with the taking some strategies and serious decisions. You have to upgrade your vizier’s power because they help you for fighting the wars.

  • Basics for game of sultans

Before playing this game you should check or see some of tutorials. It can help you to how to play and how earns scores. All games have different tasks and if you complete these tasks you make some scores and level. Beginners can start game with low level if you start with high you feel it is very boring. Give more time on game makes your skill than after you can play on high level.

  • Quest for increase your wealth

Some type of quest activities run on screen. This questions need to complete and this questions are not so much hard. All questions are some strategies based and you can answer these questions easily. This is very simple way to increase you wealth, grain or soldiers.

  • Events in empire

Events are for social life style and they are play important role in our general life. All of the games have their own life event. In the game various types of events show on your mobile screen. You can check and join suitable event for you. The first step is initially you are not eligible for some kind of events but after completing task you can be join. In events you can purchase a variety of items with gold and diamonds.

  • Link your game with social media

Social media is very big platform for gaming even many of games have social accounts. By linking your game account with social media you secure some grand rewards. By this you can play in game group or making new friends. stay connected with your friends in along with playing game.


Choices stories you play- Comprehensive guide about Currencies

 We all know that stories are an incredible path to avoid stress and tiredness. You can easily avoid whole day tension with the help of these stories. Nowadays stories based mobile games also come into the market. In these all games choices stories, you play is an incredible platform where you can do unlimited things. There are lots of amazing stories available in the game which make it a popular platform. The game is available free of cost on the Google play and apple app store. In it, some purchasable elements are available with virtual and real currencies.

Currencies Detail-

In today’s world in every game own virtual currencies are available for performing Many kinds of activities. As per in the choices stories you also play two types of currencies are available. These are helpful to achieve the higher level and unlock excellent resources. Here today we are going to give you a crucial guide about currencies for enchasing your performance.

  • Diamonds
  • Keys

These both are crucial for playing the game, and each is useful for different work and task.


In the game, it is premium kinds of currency for unlocking amazing features. With Choices Cheats, you are able to access with unique stories. It means if you want to unlock the lots of stories and features then diamonds are must be required. Always use it wisely because it is tough to obtain.


The keys are also important types of currency in choices stories you play. It is helpful to unlock the many kinds of stories. Without keys, you are not able to access the stories. As per the diamonds, it is also very hard to obtain but via some special ways like daily rewards and advertisement you can make it possible.

Always spend it carefully-

We all know that it is a potential part of the game for unlocking the various kinds of stories. There are lots of good ways available to spend currencies like stories and much more. If you spend it on useless items, then it is wastage of currencies.