Monster legends- An ultimate beginner’s guide

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Monster legends- An ultimate beginner’s guide

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Monster legends- An ultimate beginner’s guide

This is an ultimate guide to play the monster legends game. If you would like to play the Nintendo’s monster game, you will definitely amaze while playing the monster legend game. Of course, this social role playing game is completely free to play that allows you build your own monster island, fascinating giants, breed strange and also fight the enemy creatures in a battle arena. In this game, the player needs to combine two monsters for making a powerful creature. But this game does not have any specific story to play; rather it just breeding and monster battles that become quite addicting for the players. You can read Monster Legends Reviews and to know about game.

The specialty of this game is allowing the players to add their friends, recruit them to receive more rewards and also fight with the enemy monsters to obtain many rewards. Once you play this game, you will get the rewarding experience. If you are already familiar with this game play from dragon city, you will still need to know more about how to prevent losing the monster battle or paying the cash for gems. However, this monster legend guide also offers a lot of tips and tricks that help you earn more rewards and win the battles.

Best ways to get your battle strategy right in monster legends

In this game, the adventure map provides you a chance to battle the host of deadly creatures. You can also get a chance to fight the boss monsters and get free gems, gold, XP and also other rewards by just defeating them. Battling monster legends is very simple, but defeating them is not easy. Also, there are some strategies involved. Below are the best ways to get your battle strategy right to defeat the monsters:

Ø  Create your team correctly

Once you have found your enemy, it is the right time to obtain your team formation. Make sure to select the monsters with the basic affiliations stronger than the enemy monsters. If you want to switch to the stronger creature, you just click on a change button.

Ø  Know the basic affiliations of your monster as well as your enemy’s monsters

Before getting the fight button, you obtain a chance to get your formation right and also know who your enemy is. For this, you need to check the basic affiliation of your enemy.

Ø  Find out about the multiple-enemy damage

Many of these skills can inflict the damage to any one enemy at the same time where as a huge damage to several enemies.

Ø  Know the special skills of your monster

Knowing the special skills can be ultimately helpful. You must select only those creatures whose skill can inflict the utmost damage.

Ø  Use the special items during battles

When you are battling, you can select the special attack, defense items or healing by simply clicking the items just below the recharge button. To buy any of these items, you should click on buy button and then use button. Finally, you click on the friendly master or the enemy monster depends on your need. 

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