Three Hidden ways for getting the currency in Critical Ops

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Three Hidden ways for getting the currency in Critical Ops

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The entire world is engaging on the internet, and most of the people are active in many activities. Various mobile games are also available in the gaming market, and many are online games. The craziness for such games is increasing day by day. You can choose the Critical Ops game for spending spare time, and it is a fantastic game, and millions of players are active on it. The game is free of cost, and anyone can download it by the playstore.

Currencies of the game

The currency of any game is the backbone for it, and in Critical Ops, two major currencies are used namely coons and credits. Both are prime currency, and every player needs to concern about them. The currencies are used for purchasing new skins, weapons and upgrading many things. While we are playing the game, many ways are available for getting, but most of them are time-consuming. We are telling you easy methods of currency.

Login with Facebook

One of the top-class ways is for obtaining the currency without taking part in any missions. in which you have to choose the social media login method. The game gives some free links in which and the player just click on them for adding currency.

Daily free coins

We should come daily for playing the game and grab some free coins, and that kind of ways are only for motivating the player.  A sufficient amount of currency is the first step for success in the game so you should not avoid it.

Join promotional events

Promotional events are a basic part for the game and in which the player needs to join events. All events are for promotional activities. In which we can receive enough amount of currency with some conditions.


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